2017 National Finalists [images coming soon!]

Finalist info based on date of competition (October 2017) 

Andrew Lecky (runner up) 

Current: Langdon Hall

Hometown: Cambridge, ON

Age: 26

Connor Sperling (winner) 

Current: Boulevard Kitchen & Oyster Bar

Hometown: Vancouver, BC

Age: 26

Garrett Martin 

Current: Bridgette Bar

Hometown: Calgary, AB

Age: 27

Jonathan Morrison 

Current: JonTLR Private Chef, The Living Room dinner club

Hometown: Moncton, NB

Age: 28

Josh Adamo 

Current: Auberge du Pommier

Hometown: Toronto, ON

Age: 22

Julia Gindra

Current: Fairmont Hotels

Hometown: Ottawa, ON

Age: 27

Massimo Piedimonte

Current: Le Mousso

Hometown: Montreal, QC

Age: 28


Solomon Mason (third place)

Current: La Bussola

Hometown: Penticton, BC

Age: 24