Inspire. Challenge. Connect. Influence. Win.

The Hawksworth Young Chef Scholarship has been created to challenge young Canadian talent and inspire them with access to influential industry leaders. Canada’s top chefs and food critics will be judging the competition and creating a unique experience for young Canadian chefs wanting to further their culinary careers. Competitors have an unrivalled opportunity to prove their level of culinary excellence whilst meeting other young chefs from across the country.

The young chefs’ initial recipe submissions will be a platform for them to demonstrate their creativity, professionalism and organization. The finalists will have the privilege of being judged by a panel of top Canadian chefs and critics who, using their years of experience, will provide constructive criticism and advice for the young talent, rounding out their experience in the competition.

The scholarship prize is not only a financial foundation provided to assist the winner in developing a professional skillset, but recognition for placement at the forefront of the culinary industry; allowing them to secure positions in reputable Canadian or internationally recognized restaurants.