Are You A Young Canadian Chef Looking For A Challenge? Here’s How To Apply

Can you create a concise and coherent winning recipe? If you’re a young Canadian chef, under 28,  and working full-time with a professional kitchen, then you can enter the Hawksworth Young Chef Scholarship competition.

To apply you must create a recipe for a main course dish that only uses ingredients sourced from this pantry. The recipe must serve four people and be completed within two hours. To apply please fill out the application form and along with a high-resolution photograph of your dish and proof of full or partial Red Seal certification.

Your application package must include:

  1. Personal Details
  2. Employer & Qualifications
  3. Your Recipe
    • Title of Dish
    • List of Ingredients & Quantity
    • Methodology
  4. Timeline
    • 120 minutes of cooking time broken down to 15 minute intervals
  5. Food Costing
  6. One high-resolution photo of your completed plate
  7. Proof of Red Seal Certification

Judges Chef David Hawksworth and Chef Kristian Eligh will select the regional heat competitors. Shortlisted chefs will be chosen based upon the following criteria:

  • A well-thought out, creative dish
  • Use of common table ingredients (quality, not quantity)
  • Thoroughness of recipe package
  • Accuracy of costing based on market prices
  • Practical method/timeline of work

A full list of rules for all stages of the competition can be found here.

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