Sponsor Profile: Egg Farmers of Canada

For many chefs, their culinary journey started with a simple yet versatile ingredient: an egg.

Canadians love Canadian eggs, and chefs across the country have been using this kitchen staple for years in many ways. It’s amazing to see how versatile eggs can be. Perfect for breakfast, lunch or dinner, and any meal in between, eggs continue to be popular. They’re delicious, nutritious and can be just about anything our culinary imagination can conjure up!

Our eggs come from local farmers who ensure they are among the best in the world for quality and freshness. Under the system of supply management, our farms support thousands of Canadian jobs while feeding urban and rural appetites for locally produced food.

Egg Farmers of Canada is a national organization that represents Canada’s more than 1,000 regulated egg farmers in all provinces and the Northwest Territories. For more information, visit eggfarmers.ca.

Fresh, local high-quality eggs are always in season and always in style – click here to get some inspiration for your next dish. Whatever the recipe, Canadian eggs will leave a lasting impression with your guests!

2018 Finalists share their favourite egg recipes:

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