Grant van Gameren

Chef & Owner, Bar Raval, Bar Isabel, Rosalinda, Quetzal…


One of Canada’s best-known chefs and restaurateurs, Grant is self-taught and first rose to prominence as co-owner and head chef of the Black Hoof. He now owns 6 restaurants and bars in Toronto including the award-winning Bar Isabel and Bar Raval, as well as El Rey, Tennessee Tavern, Harry’s Charbroiled and PrettyUgly.

Grant is credited with popularizing the concept of nose-to-tail cooking & eating in Canada, as well as helping make charcuterie a staple on Canadian restaurant menus. His newest restaurant, Quetzal, opened summer 2018 and features authentic, regional Mexican cuisine, cooked over 26 feet of open flame. Rosalinda, a Mexican vegan restaurant, also opened in Toronto’s Financial District in spring 2018.