Marie-Claude Lortie

Restaurant Critic, La Presse

Marie-Claude Lortie is a columnist for Montreal’s daily newspaper La Presse, where she has worked for more than 25 years. Her journalism career has seen her traveling the world chasing stories on a wide range of topics including urban planning, education and health care. Marie-Claude is however most well known for her work as Montreal’s leading restaurant critic and for her stories about food as a political, cultural, economic and social issue. She is also a frequent guest on radio and television programs and has written ten books, including a popular restaurant guide published every year. Her most recent title, Carnet d’une urbaine à Toronto, has over 140 suggestions of memorable places where to dine, see art, shop, hang out in Toronto. These days she can be seen with her dog, training for a marathon in the streets of Montréal, the city where she lives with her husband and their three kids.