Nicolas Roberge-Robineau

Culinary Instructor, Pearson School of Culinary Arts

Chef Nicolas Roberge-Robineau is a Professional Cooking teacher at Pearson School of Culinary Arts in Montréal. Teaching and cooking are not only passions for him, but a way to live. He embraces each aspect of these trades, loving the challenges that each day of work brings to his life.

Being really organized and capable of managing quite well with stress, Nicolas became a chef at a young age. He worked in many different areas of the industry, from restaurants to recipe development, to catering, to becoming a private chef. Among all these experiences, what really sparked his interest was fine dining. It was his years spent at Traiteur Denise Cornellier where he learned to respect the products, the techniques and could really express himself through creation. Seeing that he was good at sharing knowledge, he decided to make a move. This was a turning point in his life and his formal teaching path began. In his second year of teaching in 2006, he started coaching students for the Culinary Olympics for multiple reasons; his interest in sharing knowledge and creativity in gastronomy with curious students in order to develop their full potential, speed and perfect technique.

Nicolas is a fervent runner and a passionate cyclist who regularly participates in trail and road running races. He trains on a daily basis and must respect a strict lifestyle so he can perform. He sees a great deal of correlation between training for a sport and training for a culinary competition. There is only one way to succeed and to perform: putting hours into hard training.